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UK’s Name Tag Velcro Patches - Upgrade Your On-Duty Look!


Choose the shape you like for patches. From rounds & squares to rectangles, we do it all.


Our Velcro name patch uniforms are typically made between 2-4”; however, it’s your call.


hoose round, puffy, 2D/3D styles for your custom name Velcro patches, it’s up to you.


Our Velcro name patches are 2-4mm thick; however, the style can make a difference.


Glance at our custom Velcro name patches in the UK. IT’S A TREASURE!

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PVC PatchPVC Patch

Our embroidered name patches Velcro
are the bestseller!

UK’s Velcro Name Patches - Design That Speaks!

Going to work wearing your same old basic uniform isn’t fun anymore. Why not spice it up with custom Velcro name patches in the UK? Velcro Patches UK comes with custom designs to upgrade your on-duty look quickly. Whether its police Velcro name patches or army Velcro name patches, we know how to make it fashion perfect.

With robust quality and customized design, your patches turn out great. Don’t want to wear the same patch daily? Our Velcro backing patches make it super easy to switch it with another one so you can enjoy something new every day. Let your colleagues know you’re vibe with unique, remarkable patches and easy on the pocket.

Jazz Up Your Uniform In Seconds With UK’s Velcro Patches Name

Why We Are The Best?

From London to Birmingham, you’ll find many companies that do patches. But do you trust their word? A sketchy website with little online presence is a clear red flag. Why put your custom patches on stake when you can have the best with us? Learn why working with us is a win-win situation for you in Belfast:

Custom Design That Strikes

Uniforms are usually basic that’s why your whole personality is settling too. Lift it with our custom patches design with Velcro backing. Just share the design or name you want, and we’ll do that instantly.

Prices Within YourBudget

Elevating your army or pilot uniform with custom patches shouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg. With our reasonable prices and discounted packages, your look will take a flight like your career in no time.

No Compromise OnQuality

One dull patch can destroy your whole experience. That’s not going to happen with us. Our custom patches undergo a strict, rigid quality test before we dispatch them to your hands at your desired location.

Velcro Patches Name In UK

We Come Up With Unique Velcro Name Patches For You

PVC Patch

We turn PVC into custom soft rubber patches for uniforms.

Woven Patch

Your design can come to life with beautifully crafted threads.

Printed Patch

A brilliant way to up your game. Get patches in any pattern.

Bullion Patch

Beautifully-wired patches will elevate any on-duty look.

Chenille Patch

Want to stand out? Chenille patches are puffy and cool.

Embroidered Patch

Let our fine embroidered patches charm up your uniform.

Count 1, 2, 3 To Create UK’s Velcro Name Patches!

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Enlighten us on your design inspiration.
Get ready for the sample in just 24 hours.
We deliver it any where across the UK.

Get UK’s Custom Name Velcro Patches In Just 18 Days!

Are you falling in love with our patches? Get some for yourself.

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Get UK’s Velcro Name Patches - It’s A Crazy Price Drop!

We live in an age where you’ll see sale banners almost everywhere. But the question is, “Is the price worth it”? Most of the time, you check out the after-sale price and feel it’s still not budget-friendly. You don’t want to empty your wallet just for a few pieces of name patches. Relax! With our economical prices, the budget woes are out of the question. We believe everyone should be able to experience quality patches and have a good time in the process. People have loved our Velcro backing patches, so we stand out with the crown for the best patch maker in the UK. No more checking your wallet back and forth. Get yourself some unique Velcro back patches at irresistible prices.

2" - 2.5"£3.42£2.75£2.34£1.94£1.3£1.21£0.98£0.67
3" - 3.5"£3.78£3.11£2.93£2.56£2.11£1.99£1.63£1.26
4" - 4.5"£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
5" - 5.5"£4.8£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
6" - 6.5"£5.89£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72

UK’s Velcro Name Patches Are Getting A Lot Of Attention!

Dave ToddDave Todd2021-04-23

I found them while I was looking for the best patch companies. I ordered their custom name Velcro patches and shared my design. They did a great job with my patches and delivered it on time.

Wanda GregoryWanda Gregory2022-05-26

I was confused about whether to go for their army Velcro name patches. However, they were kind enough to give me free consultation and guide me through everything. I loved their customer service.

Randall CaseyRandall Casey2021-06-26

It’s my second time ordering with police name Velcro patches. Trust me, the quality has always been excellent. The delicately embroidered patches with bright colours are getting a lot of attention. Incredible!

Jamie LambJamie Lamb2021-02-26

I placed my order from Manchester, UK. They did my Velcro name patches uniform within a few weeks and delivered it to my location. Overall, it was a hassle-free process. I vouch for their patches.

Dora FullerDora Fuller2021-01-26

I went for ordering their patches with a tight budget. I was shocked when they told me about their custom Velcro name patch prices. Their products are affordable and economical. Fantastic job!

Alice CarterAlice Carter2021-09-26

They are the best if you want quality custom Velcro patches in Liverpool. I received my free artwork in just a day which was incredibly fast. When I received my parcel, the quality patches made my day.

Steve BennettSteve Bennett2021-03-26

I was unsatisfied with the design of my police Velcro name patches. But they instantly took my feedback and offered me a free revision. Surprisingly, I received the artwork within a few hours. Amazing!

UK’s Velcro Name Patches Are No Less Than A Jackpot!

Bespoke Design & Style

We do everything your way. Customized design and style as you want.

Quality Grade Material

Every patch is made with fine and high-quality material that looks great.

Fast Delivery Is Reality

From manufacturing to delivery of patches, everything in just 2-3 weeks.

Free Artwork & Revision

We offer free samples within 24 hours and revisions for polished patches.

Velcro Backing For Ease

Switching patches has never been this easy, it’s a matter of seconds only.

Yes, No Extra Charges

No panic attacks with us because we don’t charge extra, not even a dime.

Share Your Velcro Name Patch Design And Let Us Elevate Your On-Duty Look!

From Edinburgh to Glasgow, our custom name Velcro patches turn many heads your way. Let’s just say we are the best at patches!