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Client Reviews is the British hub of fully customised emblems with Velcro backing. We can be your best choice if you are looking for a one-stop patch shop where you can buy all kinds of embroidered crests. Custom Velcro patches add great durability and versatility to your outfits and accessories. They are easier to apply and even easier to remove, making them a popular patch option. Also, you can get them at incredibly cheaper prices.

Velcro Patch Shop

Velcro Patch Makers That Deliver Nothing Less Than Perfection

Patches were created to make your boring clothes look fun, but repeating the same crests over and over can also kill the fun. Custom Velcro patches can solve this problem for you as they can easily be replaced without damaging the fabric. We craft soft, flexible, crisp, and highly detailed crests of all sized and shapes. You can get one for any type of garment you like.

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Custom-Tailored Badges

This online store is all about its customers and their unique patch needs. We try to read our customers’ minds and execute a perfect patch that satisfies all their requirements. Complex colour schemes or intricate designs, we do not fair anything.

Dazzling Designs

What is the point of a custom embroidered patch if it lacks visual appeal? We pay close attention to every single stitch and every minor detailing in your design. A dedicated QA team evaluates them even further, and delivery is processed after their approval.

Durable & Sturdy Crests

From modern machinery to premium-quality fabric, we use industrial-grade material in our badges that give them extra strength and endurance. You can expect our products to last an eternity as they can survive tons of washing cycles and everything else.

DisVelcro Patch Shoped Pricing

Velcro patches will cost you some extra bucks as compared to other badges. However, you won’t feel that much different in pricing when you pick our site to shop for embroidered patches with Velcro backing. We are probably the cheapest patch shop in UK.


Check out the samples of custom Velcro patches that we have recently crafted. Who knows, you might find your next favourite patch here!

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PVC Patch Sample
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Stand-Out Features Of Our Custom Velcro Patches

Skilled Craftsmen On Duty

You will find artistic designers and highly skilled patch makers who use all their expertise to make your badge a classic thread creation.

State-Of-The-Art Tools

We precisely select threads, tools, and all other equipment of the finest quality to design crests that can exceed your expectations.

High-Definition Artwork

You can trust us to add life to your patch designs and give them a photorealistic effect. We promise that they will make your outfits shine.

No Set-Up Charges

We offer our clients free mock-ups (with edits) with no set-up charges. Unlike other service providers, our goal is not to rip off your budget.

No Minimum Order Limit

Whether you need Velcro badges in bulk or just a single patch, we will process every order without enforcing any unnecessary limitations.

No Hidden Charges At All

You can stay assured that there will be no hidden surprises waiting for you at the end of the patch-making process. We maintain transparency.

Crests With An Extensive Lifespan

We produce badges that can be used on uniforms or on normal clothing for regular use. They won’t show any signs of wear and tear.

Instant Shipping & Delivery

Our streamlined production ensures quick designing and creation of Velcro patches. Therefore, we dispatch and deliver them as quickly as we can.

Free Consultation From Experts

You will always find a reliable patch consultant by your side, waiting to provide any type of guidance that you need regarding your crests.

24/7 Availability Of Customer Support

We stay connected with our clients throughout the project and even offer them dedicated after-sales support to gain their trust and loyalty.

Adorn Your Military Uniforms Or Uplift The Standards Of Your Branding With Our Well-Designed Custom Velcro Patches

UK’s most trustworthy patch makers are waiting for you to place your order so they can make your designs a stitched reality with Velcro backing. There are no minimum order limits, so buy as many badges as you want. Order a patch right now before our craftsmen get busy!