Velcro Patches On Leather Jacket

Velcro Patches On Leather Jackets Or Hoodies – A Dream Combo

The topic of patches does to the fashionistas what ice cream does to a toddler. It makes them electrified and sparkle up their eyes like mini stars. Oh, good Lord! Both of them can never have enough of their favourite stuff.

Every time there is a new limited-time edition, the crazy patch fans are the first ones to make it go out of stock. They do not even need reasons to buy one; their love for them is enough. Moreover, if you ever get the chance to see their closet, you will find their jackets and hoodies filled with numerous patch pieces.

Sometimes, the clothes even get short of space for another one, but the devotees cannot just have enough. In fact, more is always less for them when the topic is these mini-fashion wonders.

Therefore, as the odds are in their favour today, let us help them a little. We will share with them the places where they can attach their Velcro Patches on leather jackets and hoodies.

Finding Velcro Patches a Perfect Spot…

Bullion, embroidery, PVC, military, woven and chenille – are all types of patches that people all over the world admire. Each of these has a valuable property that makes you buy more. Similarly, the interesting attaching methods of these badges are worth your attention.

Starting from direct sewing onto the fabric. It is nearly the most ancient method. Besides this, there are iron-on, glue, Velcro, button hoops, and magnetic attachments. All of them work super fine and are subject to people’s choice. Some prefer glueing for safety, while others prefer Velcro because then you can keep changing patches frequently.

Thus, Velcro must be the paramount choice for Generation Z young adults who have a habit of desiring variety. Since their births, they have had choices in every part of their lives. Food, clothes, entertainment… everything. Then, the Internet further indulged them in several varieties to pick from, and now it has become a norm.

As a result, they want their clothes to be different and attractive all the time. However, they cannot always buy new clothes or leather jackets so they use Custom Velcro Patches UK on their jackets in a clever way. Such as:

Place them on the Lapels

The stylish and trendy collars of leather jackets are lapels. They usually have studs or metal buttons on them, but they are mostly empty. This means that they have a bigger space than the usual collars, and thus, they can be a perfect location for the embroidered brooch.

Therefore, they are an ideal spot to place the patches below your neck. Here, they will catch the attention guaranteed. So, pull out your biker logo patches and attach them right here. Otherwise, you can also place a customised badge with your initials on it, like AD or RS.

Situate them on the Shoulders

Then we have shoulders, which are the optimal placement location for the fashion badges. However, not only for fashion but for solidarity too. Such as the horizontally long attachments that you put on as a token of appreciation for civil defence forces.

Likewise, the officers themselves also use their shoulders for insignias representing their authority, rank or rating. It is a symbol of prestige for them and appears much superior on the shoulders than anywhere else. Hence, if you too want to rock this look, quickly order the Best Military Velcro Patches from any online site.

Put them on the Sleeve

Another highly projecting part of your coat is your sleeves. The elongated armhole is a blank canvas that demands your creative vision. Moreover, the unoccupied space of sleeves also proves to be a standard for obvious self-validations.

This means you can put on badges that say everything you feel on the inside. For example, the text on those Velcro patches could be ‘I am enough’ or something like ‘everyone makes mistakes’. Positive affirmations like these will gently remind the person wearing them.

Position them on the Pockets

Moving on to the chest and hand pockets that you would conveniently find on all your leather jackets and hoodies. They are indeed an inevitable basic. However, you will be pleased to know that they are more useful than just warming your hands and holding things for you.

Regardless of their small size, they can still hold at least one big or two small-sized badges. For example, if you are a fan of floral art, then the pockets can be a hoarding tool for them. On the other hand, perhaps if you like punk fashion, then a rebellious image would do well for you.

 Lay them on the Back

Customised Velcro PVC patches are an excellent choice for outdoor use, such as motor vehicle racers, sportsmen, and athletes. Where else can we display the love we have for sports? On… the… back of your hoodies and jackets. Yes! That is it.

An artistic way of doing so is to bring together your favourite Velcro patches with or without a mutual theme. Then, strategically lay them one by one on the back of your hoodie or jacket. Soon enough, a pattern will come through, and then you can settle down the design using Velcro.

Throw Them Everywhere…

Just in case you are an enthusiast for doing something a little extra… we have an exceptional idea for you. First, pour in all the design notions from above in a bowl. Moreover, add your jacket and hoodies to it too. Then, wait for a masterpiece to appear before your eyes.

No, we are not kidding. Push in as many Velcro patches on your Leather Jackets as you can. Lay them on the sleeves or position some on the pockets. In addition, you can also attach a few to the lapels and just around every corner that you want. Hence, you have just created yourself as an inimitable style statement.

Finalising Thoughts…

If you wear these impeccable hoodies and jackets to a party or racing event, we are quite sure that it will spark conversations. Moreover, not only this, but you will also capture a lot of attention for the texts and images on your badges. Besides this, you will create a fashion trend and stir the world of social media platforms with just a glimpse. This is what the power of patches is. Therefore, never underestimate them. They can do anything from advertising to making you look pretty. So when are you making yours now? We are eager to see your creative vision.

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